Neue Zulassungsbestimmungen für zyprische Studenten ab 2018

Hörsaal Medizin Leipzig Bild vergrößern Hörsaal (© dpa/pa/ZB)

Im folgenden lesen Sie die Pressemitteilung der Deutschen Botschaft Nikosia:

The German Embassy in Nicosia is pleased to announce that the requirements for the access to higher education in Germany for candidates with secondary school certificates from the Republic of Cyprus will remain unchanged until the applications for the summer term 2018. This decision was taken by the Standing Conference of Education Ministers (KMK) in Germany after having considered that a large number of future applicants would not be able to fulfil the new criteria without an adequate transitory period. The German Ambassador to Cyprus, Mr. Nikolai von Schoepff, had raised these concerns successfully with the Standing Conference following a meeting with Education Minister Kadis on 18 November 2014.

Until the applications for the summer term 2018 candidates will be able to apply for studies in Germany according to the current entrance qualifications which are mainly the knowledge of the German language and the school certificate called „Apolytirio”.

Additional requirements may apply according to the regulations of the specific university the candidate is applying to.

For the applications to the summer term 2018 the candidate will have to present both the “Apolytirio” and the “Pistopoiitiko Prosvasis”.

The German Embassy in Nicosia is glad that in this respect a major issue in the bilateral relations was solved so fast and efficiently. 

Neue Zulassungsbestimmungen für Studenten aus Zypern


Neue Zulassungsbestimmungen für Studienbewerber aus Zypern ab 2018: Informationen dazu finden Sie im Informationsportal zur Anerkennung ausländischer Bildungsabschlüsse, anabin oder beim Sekretariat der Ständigen Konferenz der Kultusminister: