Information on how to apply for a German passport

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Please book an appointment for your application (see below)!

Please send your request for an appointment to the Embassy by mail and wait for our confirmation!

The following documents have to be presented for the application of a German passport:

  • proof of German nationality (e.g. birth certificate, certificate of nationality, or certificate of naturalization)
  • Abmeldebescheinigung (i.e. a certificate that you are not registered in Germany, if your last place of residence was in Germany)
  • for married persons: proof of the family name either by declaration of the family name (Namenserklärung) or copy of the family book (Familienstammbuch) and marriage certificate
  • for underage children: marriage certificate of the parents, name declaration (if applicable), passports of parents. Both parents or guardian and the child have to be present at the passport application. If one parent has the sole custody this has to be proved.
  • passport fee: Euro 81.-- for persons older than 24 years, Euro 58.50 for persons younger than 24 years.
  • passport
  • -2- biometric photographs
  • proof of residency in Cyprus (yellow/pink paper)
  • PhD certificate if you wish to have your title entered in the passport


Neuer Reisepass vorgestellt

Book an appointment for passport, ID-card and childrens's passports applications and all other consular matters

In order to apply for a German document you have to book an appointment. Appointments can be scheduled from Monday-Friday, 09:00-12:00 hrs or Monday afternoon, 13:00-15:00 hrs. Please study carefully the general instructions for applications on the website of the Embassy as incomplete applications might not be processed and a new appointment needs to be booked.

Photograph specifications

The photos must meet the following specifications:

Neue elektronische Reisepässe

Neuer Reisepass vorgestellt

Am 1. März 2017 wurde die neue Generation elektronischer Reisepässe für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland eingeführt.