Opening of Student Account (Blocked Account)

In order to open a blocked account with Deutsche Bank, you need to  send an application to the bank in Germany. Your signature on the application form needs to be certified.

Please present:

  • 2 filled application forms for a blocked account
  • international passport / ID document and 2 copies of the data page (with picture and holders signature)
  • admission letter of the German university and 2 copies thereof
  • a prepaid envelope from a private service provider such as Fedex, DHLor UPS to forward the application to Germany, addressed to “ Deutsche Bank, Privat- und Geschäftskunden AG, Alter Wall 53, 02457 Hamburg, Germany”
  • evidence of origin / source of your funds (e.g. own personal bank statements or from person transferring the money) 
  • bank statements must be in English or German and not to be older than three months


You will have to sign the application form in presence of the Consular officer in order to have your signature certified.

Please make sure that all documents are complete and copies are only black/white. Color copies can not be processed with the bank in Germany and therefore will not be accepted by them.


For the certification of signature a fee of € 20,- will apply. Fees are payable cash at the Embassy.


All forms and detailed information can be obtained from the website of the Deutsche Bank:

Please note:


After your signature has been certified, it can take up to eight weeks until the opening / closing of the bank account.


It is highly recommended to open the blocked account as soon as the university admission letter is received.


Please be aware that the bank confirmation of a blocked account (with correct account balance) does NOT necessarily result in issuing a visa!



To close your blocked account, the certification of your signature or any other confirmation from the German Embassy is not required.

In such cases please send your signed closing order, together with corresponding documents (such as refusal letter of visa application), directly to Deutsche Bank for further processing.