Photograph specifications

To ensure that the photographs satisfy the requirements they must meet the following specifications:


Full front view of face, centred, features from chin to hairline and both sides of face must be clearly visible. From top to bottom face must fill 70-80 % (between 32 and 36 mm) of the photograph. Front of head (including hair) must be completely visible, with dimensions of face as specified.

Contrast and sharpness

Whole face must be clear, with proper contrast and sharpness.


Face must be well lighted, with no flash reflections, shadows or red eyes.


Background must be uniform, light-coloured (ideally a neutral grey) and provide a good contrast with face and hair. Best background for light-coloured hair is medium-grey, for dark hair leight-grey.

Photograph must show subject only (no other person or items permitted, important especially for photographs of young children). Shadows on background are unacceptable.

Photographic Quality

Photograph should be printed on high-quality paper, resolution at least 600 DPI (dots per inch), have no creases or marks and represent natural skin tones

Head position, facial expression and direction

A position with the head leaning or turned (e.g. half profile) is unacceptable. Facial expression must be neutral and the mouth closed. Subject must look straight into the camera. Eyes must be open and well visible, not covered by hair or frame of glasses.


Eyes must be clearly visible (reflections on glasses, tinted or sun glasses are unacceptable). The edge of the glasses or frame must not cover the eyes.


Headcoverings of any kind are unacceptable.

Photograph specifications

Photograph specifications for visa applications

How does a photograph has to look like: